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DTU Nanotech is the Coordinator of NanoBio4Trans.

DTU Nanotech represents a cross-disciplinary research environment where micro and nanotechnology are applied to a wide range of scientific disciplines, e.g. mechanics, optics, chemistry, medical technologies, and biotechnology.

The majority of our scientific projects are conducted in collaboration with Danish industry. DTU Nanotech offers a comprehensive course plan with theoretical and experimental courses that allows students with various scientific backgrounds to learn about the different facets of micro and nanotechnology. In the past decade DTU Nanotech has generated 10 start-up and spin-off companies.

DTU Nanotech has access to a state-of-the-art clean room, cell laboratories, chemical-, biochemical and optical laboratories. DTU Nanotech’s mission comprises three distinct activities: Scientific research in micro and nanotechnology, education of scientists and engineers in micro and nanotechnology and transfer of scientific knowledge to private industry. Research spans from biology to theory and simulation and from fabrication to chemistry. DTU Nanotech has extensive expertise in the administrative management of large EU projects through its project support group.

Key persons involved in the project at DTU Nanotech are:

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