Carina Ström, B.Sc.

Carina Ström has worked at Cellectis since 2008. Her main occupation is in the 3D group, to differentiate hESC and iPS cells to hepatocytes. This work involves cell culturing, ICC and Gene Expression analysis.

Carina has many years of experience working with cells. Between 1998-2008, she worked for AstraZeneca in Mölndal (Sweden) where she did build up a platform for high throughput sequencing. As a senior research scientist at the department of Molecular Science she was also involved in building up a platform for Genetic and Genotyping. From 1977-1998 Carina worked at Sahlgrenska University Hospital with many different responsibilities over the years, including protein chemistry, studies of Eptstein-Barr virus in Professor Lars Rymo’s research group and setting up molecular biological methods for clinical diagnostic use.
Carina finished her Laboratory Technician studies in 1976 with upgraded studies to a Bachelor of Sciences in 2001.

22 JUNE 2024