Dr Anders Aspegren, Team leader RDII-3D

Anders has worked at Cellectis since 2005 and was part of the team that started up the UK operations. He was heading the Production team in Dundee and was responsible for manufacture of stem cell banks and other associated products for both external customers and internal. Anders has been deeply involved in the development of scaled up stem cell technology, including culture system development and implementation to adaptation of stem cell cultures to formats that comply with industry standards for screening. Back in Sweden he is currently responsible for the up-scaling and culturing of 3D models of hepatocyte derived cells. Anders received his M.Sc. in Biomedicine from the Linnaeus University and his Ph.D. from Uppsala University in Sweden with part of his research performed at Miami University, Oxford, OH, USA. Before joining Cellectis, Anders was employed at Astra Zeneca, Mölndal, Sweden.

E-mail: anders.aspegren@cellectis.com

31 MAY 2023