Development of the integrated bioartificial liver system

Development of the integrated bioartificial liver system
By Postdoc Haseena Bashir Muhammad , DTU Nanotech

This part of the project deals with integration of technology and system development of the bioartificial liver (BAL). The main focus of this work is to combine stem cell, polymer hybrid scaffold and biosensing technologies to develop a highly perfused BAL system integrated with components that support the growth of the BAL. This involves incorporating a dynamic microfluidic network for supplying nutrients to cultured cells and removal of waste. Some specific areas that will be focused on include:

  • Design and development of microfluidic system components
  • Optimisation of technologies for fabrication of the microfludic system components
  • Investigation of techniques for microstructuring the 3D scaffold in order to mimic liver tissue architecture
  • Investigation of  nutrients and mass transport within the structured tissue engineering scaffold using numerical modeling techniques
  • Integration of biosensors within the BAL system to allow real time monitoring and control of the effects of various factors during tissue growth
15 APRIL 2024